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Only the best for your clients. We supply our client full expertise for customer service in order for theme to maximize their client satisfaction. Also we provide our services in multilingual including also all metric of satisfaction of your client NPS, CSAT .


We develop training for your employees. An ongoing support channel is set up to ensure that the integration process is carried out.


We offer an audit system for the validation of different aspects. The criteria even if you have not established them yet. Our expertise is there to assist you so that we can establish them and set up the validation methodology.

Call quality control content write (Chat, CRM notes)

Following the same principle, our multilingual teams can work to validate all the notes in a chat box exchange between your agents and your customers and also validate the notes put in your CRM.

Quality control content

We offer a team of multilingual auditor trained according to the ISO 9000 standards who can 24 on 24 take charge of your calls. We also support the development of the evaluation structure and provide assistance in training your teams on international quality standards.


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What our clients say

“Thank you for your expertise. Your team did a good job”

Spring Professional

“ Speaking with the service team helped me resolve easily my company issues.”


“We are very happy with the result. Would hire the company again.”

Reily Food Company

“We had an amazing experience with the company. Thank you for your professionalism.”

COX AND Company Limited

“We are more than satisfied customers.”

BD Brizarad

“We found, as usual, that what you did was of very good quality.”

FDK Transport

“Your expertise shows that your priority is the complete satisfaction of your customers”

AOK Security

“We would like to express our full satisfaction with the services provided by your team.”


“Equipe professionnelle et à l’écoute”

A2S Martinique

“Nous sommes satisfaits du service fourni nous ferons appel à vos services encore une fois. “


A word to describe them “SUPER”. This young team really knew how to better manage our customer relationship. Thanks again !

Arold Leblanc WAB Assurance

Many spoke to me about you, it took us a long time. But I have to thank you on behalf of all our team. Your professionalism, your approach will give you a lot of success in the industry.

Patrick Roullion Axa Caraibes

Who we are?

We Believe that
the success of all companies
goes through the satisfaction of their customers.

Develop, monitor this aspect in your company
is of paramount importance.

That's why we are committed to providing to our customers the keys to success with their own customers. Our key solutions have proven themselves and we We are ready to benefit you.
NPS ( Net promoter score for average past 4 years)
24/7 Round the Clock
Employes satisfaction
Clients recommandations

Responsible  Customer Support

Here, we focus on a range of items and features that we use in life without giving them a second thought.

In our culture customer service is the bridge between the customer and the company. A variety of responsible customer service skills are required for successful customer service. In this lesson, we will discover how the following general skills will enhance any employee’s abilities to provide excellent customer service.

  1. Good people skills.
  2. Active listening.
  3. Problem resolution.

Christophe Durant (Training manager)

About Us

Invervoice Fusion we became a strong leader in the industry by focusing on the three elements key to our success: people, people and people. No wonder we have the best employee retention and the highest employee satisfaction in the industry. And that's how we deliver great service to our clients! Our business is all about people helping people.

Location: Caraibbean, Madagascar , Salvador.

Vanessa Belmond (General manager & acquisition)

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34 rue Ferdinand Forest, Baie Mahault 97122, Guadeloupe